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Facts About Phobos

Facts About Phobos

Phobos is the closest moon to Mars.
Phobos periapsis distance from mars’s center is 9,235.6 km (5,738.7 miles).
Phobos apoapsis distance from mars’s center is 9,518.8 km (5,914.7 miles).
Phobos average distance from mars’s center is 9,377.2 km (5,826.7 miles).
Phobos average distance from mars’s surface is 5981 km (3,716.4miles).

Phobos Axial tilt is 0° (the rotational axis is perpendicular to orbital plane.)
Phobos has a synchronous rotation. Phobos always shows its same face to Mars.
Phobos average orbital speed is 2.138 km/s (1.328 mi/s) 7011.8 ft/s 7696.8 km/h (4780.8 mph).
that’s 6.3 times the speed of sound. twice as fast as the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird.
Phobos orbits around mars in 7 hours 39 minutes and 12 seconds .
Phobos rises in the west every 11 hours and 6 minutes .


Phobos is getting closer to mars’
Phobos is gradually spiraling inward, drawing about 1.8 meters closer to the planet each century. for when its orbital
It is estimated that Phobos will pass the Roche limit
radius drops by a little over 2,000 kilometers (1,200 mi) to about 7,100 kilometers (4,400 mi).
Newer calculations suggests Phobos will reach the Roche limit in 7.6 million years.

Phobos will ether crash into mars.


Or Phobos break up in to pieces and mars will have rings.

If man gave Phobos rings this what it would probably looks like.

Phobos apparent magnitude is 11.3
Phobos is 32,211 times fainter than Vega(0.03 magnitude).
Phobos is 4,875,284,830 times fainter than our full moon(-12.92 magnitude).
Phobos albedo is 0.071
Phobos absorbs 92.9% sun light just like asphalt.
Phobos ~233°K(-40.27°F)(-40.15°C)
Shadow side
Min 161°K(-170°F)(-112°C).
Sunlit side
Max 269.26°K(25°F)(-4°C).
Phobos composition is very similar to C- or D-type asteroids
similar to carbonaceous chondrite material.Phobos diameter or Phobos Dimensions are 26.8 km (16.8 mi) x 22.4 km (13.9 mi) x 18.4 km (11.4 mi).
Mean radius 11.1 km (6.9 mi).

Phobos Surface area is 6,100 km2 (2400 sq mi)
Phobos volume is 5680 km3 (1360 cu mi)
Phobos mean density is 1.876 g/cm3
Phobos mass is 1.072 × 1016 kg
Phobos Escape velocity is (40 km/h) 24.85 mph
Phobos surface gravity is 0.0084–0.0019 m/s2 ok!
A 200 pound person would weigh 2.7 ounces to 0.62 ounces on phobos
If Phobos had an object in free fall or have its own moon, an object that is 8.4 miles from the center of phobos would take 10 hours and 15minutes to go around Phobos. The object would go 5.14 miles an hour.

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